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Patios, Walkways, Retaining Walls, Planters

Professional landscaping provides the highest return on investment of any type of home improvement with a 100% to 200% recovery value. What better reason to invest in a property and enjoy the benefits of being in the great outdoors. We’ll help make the most of any exterior space so it’s peaceful and enjoyable, as well as increase the value of a property. We offer a variety of services including fire pits, stairs, retaining walls, and a variety of stonework.

  • Patio Planters

Artificial Turf & Rubber

While natural grass is a great affordable ground cover solution for larger spaces, we offer other options where natural grass is not the best solution.

Artificial Turf
With the look of natural grass but without the maintenance, artificial turf is increasingly becoming popular for spaces with heavy foot traffic where natural grass has difficulty growing. Artificial turf can also be combined with a heavy underlay, making it appropriate to install under structures where fall zones are required.

Poured In Place Rubber
Valleywest Landscaping Inc has been installing poured in place rubber for over 10 years. Poured in place rubber walkways and fall zone areas are a very popular option due to their relatively low maintenance and exciting colour options. The bouncy yet firm feel of rubber makes it ideal for pathways or around taller structures where a soft landing is required.

  • Artificial Turf

Water Features

Adding ponds, streams, and waterfalls, adds a pleasing dimension to any landscape plan. Over the years, Valleywest Landscaping has created beautiful water features for our customers. No two water features are the same; materials, location, and the desired function of the water feature all have a part to play in the design and outcome of the project.

Water features bring sound and movement into a landscape space, creating an escape to a more tranquil and cooler feeling environment. Streams, ponds and waterfalls can be dramatic or restful; they can add beauty to stark walls, invite wildlife and give a sense of serenity.

  • Water Features

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