• Natural Play Spaces that Inspire Creativity

    Intuitive natural wood design, built for children to explore their imagination while learning and growing together.

Developmental health

Developmental health

More time in nature plays a vital role in the development of emotional regulation and creativity in children.

Safety for all ages

Safety for all ages

All of our play natural play spaces adhere to strict safety standards.

Affordable Options

Affordable Options

Going natural is a great option because they’re half the cost of traditional playgrounds and government funding is sometimes available.

Environmentally  conscious

Environmentally conscious

We are committed to ethical practices that create healthy environments for years to come.



Our natural play spaces support sensory engagement for children of all abilities.

A Natural Play Space

Natural Play Spaces FAQ

What is a natural play space?

A natural play space is essentially a playground inspired by nature and designed for creative play—often featuring logs, boulders, hills, etc.

Is a natural play space better than a traditional play structure?

Traditional play structures (metal/plastic structures) can be very entertaining and enjoyable for kids of all ages to play on. A natural play space isn’t better or worse, it simply provides an alternative space for kids to play. Natural play spaces can be very aesthetically appealing as they often incorporate logs, boulders, trees, shrubs, and even streams into the play space.

Is a natural play space dangerous?

Valleywest builds play areas with safety in mind and adheres to current safety guidelines for play structures; such as appropriate fall zone materials. That said, all play spaces can be dangerous if children are left unattended.

Do natural play spaces meet certain playground safety requirements?

Valleywest Landscaping (Shaun McMahon) is a licensed playground safety inspector. We not only inspect our own playgrounds, but we are licensed to inspect all types of playgrounds - natural or traditional.

What age groups can play in natural play spaces?

Valleywest Landscaping has built play spaces for infants (under the age of 2) up to adult sized structures intended for older teens and even adults.

What is the lifespan of a natural play space?

It depends on what types of products are used and how well the area is maintained. Left untreated, wood structures may only last 8-10 years. We highly recommend a treatment program for all log structures which potentially will double the lifespan of the structure. Other products, such as boulders, obviously have an indefinite life span.

Fall Zone Protection

Poured in Place Rubber
Poured in place rubber walkways and fall zone areas are a very popular option due to their relatively low maintenance and exciting colour options. The bouncy yet firm feel of rubber makes it ideal for pathways or around taller structures where a soft landing is required.

Wood Fibre Mulch
Valleywest Landscaping uses wood fibre that is graded for fall zone protection. This unique product provides a soft landing around play structures, yet becomes firm enough to support wheelchairs if required. Proper drainage under the wood fibre is always installed to delay potential decay which could occur if the mulch is constantly saturated.

Artificial Turf
Artificial Turf, when combined with an approved under pad, can also be rated for fall zone areas.

  • Fall Zone Protection

Leave No Child Inside

A recent worldwide movement called “Leave no child inside” was birthed as observers recognize the importance of children interacting with nature. It is of concern that the recent generation of children growing up are more prone to stay indoors than explore all that nature has to offer. Being outdoors is invaluable in creating opportunities to grow physically and mentally.

Creating natural play areas for children is a passion for the staff at Valleywest Landscaping. In natural playgrounds, you will find boulders surrounding a sandpit, logs for balancing on, rocks for climbing, hills for rolling or sliding down, or a garden for planting. There may be a water feature where children can observe frogs and other creatures in nature, or bridges over a dry river bed.

Studies have shown children to be incredibly creative in natural play areas. Their imagination is the limit. Lets “leave no child inside” and do our part to see children enjoy everything that nature has to offer.

"Natural Playgrounds should be the standard for all our playgrounds. They truly connect children with nature through play and are a sort of classroom for the next generation of environmental stewards."

- David Suzuki

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